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Real Life Doll Wang Jiayun

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wang Jiayun, born June 18 1993. Wang’s height is 164cm, her weight 42kg. Wang Jiayun says she was born in Kowloon of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and presently lives in Shenzhen City of Guangdong province in China. Identity: High school student. Wang's large eyes, pale face, perfectly structured nose and extremely slim figure resemble a brand of human-sized blow-up doll popular with Korean men. This cute and sexy barbie doll look a like is hot property. She recently became the No.1 searched name in the country's top search engine, Naver.com. Photos: Wang Jia Yun (王嘉韻 or 왕지아인). (Photo by Wang Jia Yun)

Wang Jia Yun (王嘉韻 or 왕지아인). (Photo by Wang Jia Yun)

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