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These Are the Most Controversial Wikipedia Entries of All Time

Saturday, August 24, 2013

As previously mentioned, two of the most controversial topics in society will always be politics and religion. The term Jesus falls under the latter (of course), so the Wikipedia entry is no doubt subject to numerous back and forth changes. As we’re sure all of you know, Jesus is the central figure of Christianity.

Christians believe Jesus is the awaited Messiah of the Old Testament and refer to him as Jesus Christ or simply Christ, a name that is also used by non-Christians.

As with any religion though, Christianity and the belief of Jesus is also prone to skepticism. Some find the bible to be untrustworthy. Others find the whole idea of a Messiah to be a little far-fetched. It is interesting to note that both Muhammad and Jesus made it into the list of the most controversial Wikipedia entries of all time!
Can you guess which Wikipedia entries have the most heated editing wars? Most controversial Wikipedia entries of all time, #3 was a shock! http://likes.com

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