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Do You Recognize These Animals Without Hair?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Do You Recognize These Animals Without Hair?

Yikes! Bears are usually ferocious and scary at the best of times when stumbled upon in the wild, so you can imagine the shock and horror of finding this freaky-looking female bear! We hate to admit it, but under all that fur is something that ain't so pretty...Luckily, this bear is currently living in a German zoo, so you're not going to run into her in the wild anytime soon. 

But why is she bald, you ask? Experts have been baffled by a case of the bears at this German zoo all losing their hair. Somebody get these bears some fresh fruit and vegetables, because experts believe the bears are lacking in nutrition, hence the unsightly baldness!

These bald animals need some Rogaine, and pronto! #8 is a freaky! http://likes.com

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