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Top 9 The Mustaches Women Love

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This is the small guide for men how to wear their mustaches so women would love them. This is not sucha a hard thing, after all it is all about the attitude!

1. Johnny Depp

the mustaches women love01

Act like it’s no big deal.

2. Christian Bale

the mustaches women love02

Look towards the light.

3. Jude Law

the mustaches women love03

Go vintage. And be skeptical of everything about the modern world.

4. David Beckham

the mustaches women love04

Take off your clothes.

5. Robert Downey Jr.

the mustaches women love05

Pretend you’ve just had a rough day wrangling cattle.

6. Chris Evans

the mustaches women love06

Do your best Robert De Niro impression.

7. Michael Fassbender

the mustaches women love07

…but so does kicking back, relaxing, and just letting people enjoy it for themselves.

8. Tom Hardy

the mustaches women love08

Pointing to it helps.

9. Ryan Gosling

the mustaches women love09

But the best trick of all is just believing in yourself (and the steady rate at which those face follicles churn out pristine product).

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