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Top 15 Celebrities Who Needed To Be Airbrushed

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It looks like it is impossible to look like celebrities we see on covers. Well, the truth is that even those celebs who actually are on the photos can’t look that good. Thanks to Photoshop they are not trying to hard to look good. It is simple as that. I wonder how with all that money they are not able to look as awesome as they are presented in magazines. Is it because they are lazy? After all, for good looks you need a lot of work and these stars seem to be having better things at their hand than taking care of themselves. I mean, come on, you are making money out of your good look, make us think that you actually care. Is it that hard?

1. Kim Kardashian

photoshoped celebrities01

2. Jessica Alba

photoshoped celebrities02

3. Madonna

photoshoped celebrities03

4. Brittney Spears

photoshoped celebrities04

5. Eva Longoria

photoshoped celebrities05

6. Kiera Knightley

photoshoped celebrities06

7. Beyonce

photoshoped celebrities07

8. Penelope Cruz

photoshoped celebrities08

9. Kourtney Kardashian

photoshoped celebrities09

10. Fergie

photoshoped celebrities10

11. Bethenny Frankel

photoshoped celebrities11

12. Jennifer Love Hewitt

photoshoped celebrities12

13. Megan Fox

photoshoped celebrities13

14. Faith Hill

photoshoped celebrities14

15. Mariah Carey

photoshoped celebrities15

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