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Thursday, November 15, 2012

nice cars for girls

it’s not my week.
in an unfortunate first, i got hit by a car this morning on my commute… freaked me out pretty bad. i heard brakes and then got rear-ended and my life flashed before my eyes. it was the best possible outcome (for getting hit) in that i didn’t go down and the girl stopped and was very apologetic and nice. she said she’ll fix my bike, which is cool. all it seems to need is a new rim and spokes.
i shudder to think that it could have been much worse.
Saharnian hitchhikers
nice cars for girls

I asked for the way to Saharna, and the girl to the right more or less just entered the car, I guess she also said "yes we’re going to Saharna", but how am I to know. Anyway, they were nice hitchhikers.
In Saharna, Moldova.

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