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Top 15 Fashion How to Layer like a Pro!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If you want to take your layered look to the next level, scarves are definitely the accessory that will help you to achieve this. Either tucked into your coat or worn over the top - we think this look screams ultimate style!Views All Pictures: http://clnk.me/p/kzL/1LOuIf you prefer to keep the layering of your clothes to a minimum, such as only two simple contrasting layers, then why not layer up some of your necklaces too? This can also transform your outfit instantly!Create a fashionable and quirky layered look by teaming a pair of boots with long socks and full length stockings. We guarantee this will also keep your legs and feet extra warm during the colder weather!When choosing your layered look, it's best to begin with a light-colored garment as your first layer and keep darker layers as the outermost, or last, layer. This is because darker colors tend to show through the lighter layers, as well as the fact that light colors over dark colors creates a chunkier illusion - not very flattering!Another trick to creating the perfect layered look is to remember that the thickest garment should be your outer-most garment, for example a coat or over-sized sweater. The garment that is thinnest should remain the layer closest to your skin in order to prevent a bulky look.You can use layering to your advantage, especially when it comes to your stature. For example, those who are particularly lean and tall may choose to wear three-quarter stockings rather than full stockings, whereas those who are shorter in stature may choose to do the opposite as full length stockings create the illusion of longer legs.When taking your layering look to the extreme, such as with three contrasting layers, it is best to keep your accessories to a minimum. Avoid long or statement necklaces in order to prevent them from clashing with your look, and instead opt for simple earrings, a few rings or a bracelet.We love denim jackets or vests layered over a hooded sweater! The added hood will give your layered outfit another dimension, as well as give you extra warmth during the colder months.Layering is also a great way for you to be able to make the most of your Summer wardrobe, even once the weather begins to get cooler! Team your favorite pair of shorts or a mini skirt with stockings or tights and you're good to go!Females with a curvier figure should try to accentuate their waistline as much as possible when trying on the tricky layering trend. To do this, simply team your outfit with a skinny belt worn around your waist and on top of all the other layers in order for it to remain visible.Team your favorite Summer sundress with a long-sleeved white blouse for a layered look that is perfect for the slightly cooler months! It's a bonus if the blouse has a collar too - extra stylish!Coats layered over cardigans or chunky sweaters creates a very stylish and warm Winter look. The tip is for the coat to be longer than the cardigan or sweater though, in order to create the illusion of length and compliment your body shape.A key technique to create a fabulous layered look is to choose items that have different hemlines. For example, a shirt with a lower hemline looks great under a shirt of a different color with a higher hemline!The idea behind layering is to avoid simply dressing in all one color or similar shades, as this will create a weighed down look. Contrast items of clothing that have different prints, colors, or textures in order to make your look really stand out! We recommend a maximum of three though - too many contrasting layers may end in disaster!Layering can be quite bulky, so the best option to keep a flattering silhouette is to team layers on your top half with stockings, tights, or skinny jeans. This will create balance and keep your style complimenting your body shape.Source

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