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Top 15 Best Free iPhone Apps

Friday, October 26, 2012

Need to check the weather before your upcoming vacation? The Weather Network's official app provides forecasts more than two weeks ahead and lets you keep track of humidity and daily pollen reports that can cause allergies to spike.
Though some hate to admit it, Facebook has become a part of our everyday life (just like breakfast) which is why the company has kept everyone up to speed with new layouts and designs to improve our social life. If you don't believe us, the cover feature looks rather spectacular on the iPhone.
Just like it's primary browser, the Google Chrome app works at a seamless pace when browsing the Internet and along with keeping "Tabs" on sites of your choosing, it syncs your history with your primary computer to make the experience that much more user-friendly.
Some map/GPS applications can be extremely difficult to understand making a trip to a nearby city a hazardous adventure. MapQuest has been a trusted name for years and its app breaks formality with easy instructions to make sure you get to the right destination on time.
Sometimes the hardest decision in a household can be deciding what type of takeout/delivery to order. Seamless makes it so easy within major cities through the United States that you may find yourself never going out for dinner again.
If you're a news junkie, then Flipboard is for you. The independent application fits articles from your favourite sites into one simple format that lets you flip through music news from Pitchfork, tech gossip from Endgadget and grab sports updates from ESPN.
As Twitter for the iPhone continues to integrate various upgrades, so will your social networking experience as the app gives you the power to search for and comment on breaking events as well as shed your opinion on almost anything (once limited to 140 characters).
In most cases, not all of your friends or family own an iPhone and the best way to keep in touch with them all at once is through GroupMe, a group messaging application that disregards text messages to keep you connected with those around you.
Pictures do say a thousand words and if they're more your social outlet than plain status updates, then Instagram's your sidekick for capturing those intimate and once-in-a-lifetime moments you encounter everyday.
Keep consuming more data than your mobile plan offers? Monitor your usage with Onavo Extend that categorizes your phone's expenditure in a neat little graph that may show your main problem is your web browsing addiction!
There are numerous simple reminder tools in the App Store but Any.Do is one of the best free programs available as it can also act as a list that integrates with your address book and email to make tasks like "Call Adam" a breeze.
The iPhone's camera boasts numerous features but one specific one it severely lacks is the ability to use photo editing tools to create the best photograph possible. Since filters don't count, Photoshop Express uses a self-edit mode to reduce noise and alter brightness and contrast.
Taking a cue from your favourite web browsers, Pocket lets you save webpages straight to your phone and allows you to read everything from various recipes, sports columns and entertainment gossip without an Internet connection.
Music gets played almost anywhere you go and to make sure you don't forget that catchy song that just befriended your ears, Shazam identifies the track (or even television show) with your iPhone's speaker and provides info within seconds.
Constantly leaving your cellular device behind everywhere you go? Find My iPhone is an app from Apple that lets you use iCloud to track your phone if you ever lose it "unintentionally".

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