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Model Hang Nguyen glamorous party strange bicycles

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dresses using floating graphics, decorated massive engagement, modeling Hang Nguyen sexier and romantic surprise party fancy bikes.

Autumn is always inspires the designers to the creative fashion collection extremely subtle. With stylish fashion office lady, over 10 thousand products in the BST for the latest fall of IVY Moda is not more attractive choice.
Highlights of the collection design trend this year is to use floating graphics, or decorated to create floating mass attached on the sample dresses are very popular on the international stage, stylized trend and included in the design of its very subtle and in accordance with the Vietnamese girlfriend.
Retro style classic continues crowned this fall, especially the subtle combination of laser-cut details create a very unique and trendy accents on the collar detail relatives or making costumes more fall colors and highlights.
Different pastel color trend of the summer season, tones of beige, caramel, blue, purple ... use phase of crystal stamps blend color for autumn and winter this year.
This is considered as a gift from the designer of IVY Moda dedicated to the customer loves fashion and knows how to make her beautiful this brand after their contract with the students shine in competition Miss Philippines last 2012.

Watch one of the latest designs in passive BST 2012:











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