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Jaguar�s Reborn XJ220

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jaguar is getting ready to reinvent its stunning XJ220, it looks likely to make a dramatic appearance at a major international motor show in the next 18 months.

According to our network of spies, the revolutionary sports car is being developed by the firm�s best engineers as a rival to the Audi R8. It�s based on an all-new aluminium chassis, which has been developed using the same know-how behind both the XJ and XK models.

The car will have aluminium panels stretched over an alloy and composite tub, while under the bonnet is likely to be a tuned version of the 503bhp 5.0-litre supercharged V8, set to power the eagerly anticipated XFR. A mildly modified version of this engine has already propelled a near-showroom-spec XFR to an incredible 225mph on the Bonneville salt flats in the US. The new supercar is likely to match this figure, while the sprint from 0-60mph should take less than four seconds.

The two-seater is tipped to be called the XE, and has been styled by a team led by Ian Callum.

Meanwhile,at the front, there�s an oval grille,framed by narrow, ultra-efficient LED headlamps. A steeply raked windscreen keeps the car�s overall height as low as possible, while the wide rear end supports buttress C-pillars, similar to those on the new Ferrari 599 GTB. As in the R8 and Ferrari�s F430, the engine will be visible through the rear windscreen.

Wide air intakes dominate the model�s front end, and deep scoops in the flanks help feed cooling air to the supercharged engine.CO2 emissions will be less than 300g/km, and the good things the powerplant will be capable of running on biofuel-blended petrol . Liberal use of lightweight materials, including aluminium and carbon fibre, will further improve the machine�s fuel efficiency and performance.

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