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Eliica- Electric Powered Hypercar

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It is not a fantasy or science fiction.It is real!Now an eight wheel car has arrive as its attempt at ridiculous speeds using alternative energy. An automative team from Japan engineers have built this eight wheeled electric monster you see here and proved along the way that an eight wheeled car is twice the car a normal one is.

Using a lithium-ion batteries to operate, the appropriately named Eliica is capable of a top speed of 402km/h and a contradictory range of 321km. What a very fast speed using the alternative energy.It achieves this speed using electric motors that power all eight wheels individually and each of the electric motor will produces around 80hp, and by now you should be able to understand how the Eliica achieves its speed and 0-100 time of under four seconds.

The project start developed in 2003, two examples of the four-seater hypercar currently exist but the team is working overtime to raise sponsorship to build more. According to our source, the team may just get its break as the Japanese government�s interest in electric vehicles grow. If and when that happens, 200 units will be made for a price of around USD$255,000.

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