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honda skydeck concept

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When automakers take a concept vehicle to a motor show, they offer all kinds of information about what the future production model would come with. However, every so often a car maker, let�s say Honda shows off a concept vehicle with no details, such as the Honda Skydeck Concept.

The SkyDeck is widely seen as a potential successor to the Odyssey, Honda�s current mini-van.This vehicle was on show at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, but Honda said that this six-seat MPV Hybrid is theoretical.

The interior of the car looks like something from the future, the first two rows are cantilever mounted to a center tunnel, the second row of seats are able to slide forward and can be stored under the front seats.

How far off is the SkyDeck? Who knows. For now, it�s just a concept car � a glimmer in the eye of a few top Honda designers.

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Aston Martin V-12 Vantage

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aston Martin unveiled the production version of its most potent and focused car at Geneva. This new car combines the V-8 Vantage's compact 2-seat dimensions with the power of the company's 5.9-liter V-12�to the tune of 510 bhp and 420 lb.-ft. of torque. Aston is predicting a 190 mph top speed, along with 0�62 mph (100 km/h) dispatched in a scant 4.2 seconds.
Although the V-12 engine weighs 220 lb. more than the standard car's V-8, carbon-ceramic brakes, lighter forged aluminium wheels, lightweight inner rear quarter panels and optional lightweight seats have resulted in the overall curb weight that's only 110 lb. heavier than its V-8 sibling's. And the weight distribution is near perfect, at 51/49 front/rear.

"More" has to be taken with a pinch of salt, as Aston only expects to build 300�500 examples a year at its Gaydon factory. Deliveries will begin this fall.

In A meanwhile,Aston Martin will return to the Nurburgring for the fourth year in a row to compete in the 24-hour endurance race. This year the new V12 Vantage will be joining the yellow V8 Vantage - nicknamed 'Rose' - on the grid.

The ADAC Nurburgring 24-hour race attracts a variety of entrants from factory backed teams (including Aston Martin, VW and Audi) to private entries in anything from Porsche 911 GT3s and BMW M3 GTS to more modest machinery. The strangest entry in last year's race was probably the Opel Astra Caravan, which finished ahead of a Lamborghini Gallardo!

This year Aston Martin will enter a V12 Vantage, driven by Chief Executive Dr Ulrich Bez along with members of Aston's engineering team. The car is described as being 'near standard specification', which means about 510bhp from a 6.0-litre V12. Changes include reduced weight, which necessitates re-tuned suspension and Pirelli has provided slick tyres for the race.

Pagani Zonda R Official Commercial

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Zonda has set more than one record at the race track. It raised the bar for road supercars. Passion, ingenuity, knowledge and craftsmanship created the parts to form an effective and focused package. What more could you want?�

These are the enticing words appearing at the beginning of this beautifully-shot video clip. In the clip is the new supercar Pagani Zonda R. It does not move or even start up. This is something of a commercial trailer for the super track car which was commissioned to Supercarmovies.com by Pagani.

At some point during the clip they show some of the components that make up the R and then progress to other shots demonstrating these parts being screwed together by hand to form a complete package. When it�s done you can�t help but admire the polished finished product.

To get the technical spec of this supercar is powered by a 6.0-litre V12 engine with 552kW (750hp) and peak torque of 710Nm. It comes with a 6-speed sequential gearbox and slick tyres.

Lamborghini Insecta Concept

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It�s a Lambo with extra bite! Meet the Lamborghini Insecta Concept, the brainchild of Romanian design student Iulian Bumbu. The Milan-based designer claims the car is a fusion of the Italian carmaker's current design language and the exoskeletons, or body armour, found on insects.

Insects to be the inspiration for future Lamborghini�s? That�s what one industrial design enthusiast was thinking about when he turned up this design study of what a future Lamborghini might look like. This supercar is still the concept car and is cleverly dubbed the Lamborghini Insecta and is structurally made of carbon fiber.Rumours said,this supercar, is to be powered by the same V10 powerplant that powers the Gallardo though we�re hoping it�ll feature more power, after all, insects are capable of some pretty amazing things.

And the two-seater mid-engined supercar certainly has a bug-like quality to it � with it�s tightly-wrapped carbon-fibre bodywork, wide-set eyes and winged scissor doors.Iulian Bumbu, the industrial design enthusiast of Romania explains in pure designer language, �The idea was to create an extreme race-oriented supercar with a style that introduces softer and more organic lines and integrate them into the geometrical style of Lamborghini.�Apparently the exoskeletons of insects gave Bumbu the idea for the external structure of the car. According to him, he tried ot to deviate too much from Lambo�s new design language but what will really be interesting is the response from Lamborghini Brand and Design Director, Manfred Fitzgerald.

Audi TT RS

Monday, March 2, 2009

A supercar manufactured by Audi,the Audi TT RS is to be officially revealed at next month�s Geneva Motor Show but the power of the internet again prevails as we now have official shots and an audio clip of the TT RS.This supercar will be powered by a 2.5-liter five cylinder turbocharged powerplant. Officially Ingolstadt�s hottest ever TT model, it is also a tribute to the spirit of the original Quattro model of the 80�s.

The new addition to the RS line up is good for some very impressive numbers - 340hp and a max torque of 450Nm, 0-100 in under five seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 250km/h. All that power is channel to all four wheels - or Quattro all wheel drive system in Audi lingo - through a six speed manual gearbox.

On the outside, the TT RS gets a rather subtle treatment over the 272HP TT S model that includes slightly larger front air vents, a distinctive rear diffuser, a fixed boot spoiler and twin-spoke alloy wheels. Inside, there�s a leather multifunction sports steering wheel and sports seats in a combination of Alcantara and leather. Check out the gallery below, more details on this next week.

The 2009 Caparo T1

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Even this supercar had been involved in a fiery incident with a Fifth Gear host, scared the Top Gear�s Jeremy Clarkson and is generally completely impractical, the 575hp (429kW) Caparo T1 still exudes a sort of animal magnetism.

The 1000hp/tonne power-to-weight ratio doesn�t hurt the experience. That�s roughly double the ratio of the Bugatti Veyron, and enough to rocket the car to 60mph (96km/h) in less than 2.5 seconds, and on to 100mph (160km/h) in under 5. But perhaps the most impressive stats of the Caparo T1 are the lateral and braking force figures: up to three times the force of gravity throws the driver left, right and forward.This supercar full details on the 2009 version of the car have yet to be released, but Caparo has revealed five new levels of specification will be available. The entry-level variant is a stripped-down race track-only version, while a Race Extreme variant gets upgraded electronics, the most powerful engine package fully carbon brakes and super-lightweight magnesium wheels.

Source: Motor Authority

Volkswagen Golf R20T

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Volkswagen first hinted at a new high-performance version of the Scirocco coupe when it revealed the GT24 race concept back at the Austrian W�rthersee Tour tuning show in May, but in what form the car will finally come to production is still up in the air. A report from AutoExpress suggests that the Volkswagen brand has finally succumbed to pressures by canning the 3.2-litre naturally aspirated V6 in favour of its trusted 2.0-litre turbo. This move applies to the range-topping Golf which is not the GTI but the R32. What's more is that the name R32 will disappear along with the engine to which it referred. Instead the car will likely be called the R20T and its chief rivals will be the Ford Focus RS, VW Group cousin the Audi S3 and the Subaru Impreza STI.

According to CAR, the new R20T will go on sale in Europe in early 2010 and will closely match the styling of the GT24 race concept. Key features likely lifted from the concept include the aggressively styled bumper with larger intakes and unique fog lights, as well as the slightly wider fenders and lower ride height.

By tweaking the 2.0-litre's ECU about 270bhp (201kW) can be extracted, which is similar to the Audi S3's power output of 265bhp from the same engine. A high-performance Scirocco R20T is also expected to use the same engine. The car will not only have more power than the current V6's 250bhp (186kW) but also weigh less as a result of the smaller engine. Thus improved performance overall and fewer C02 emissions can be expected. Whether a 4WD system or FWD will be used remains to be seen. However two gearboxes will be mated to whichever system is chosen, these being the 6-speed manual and DSG.

Styling is likely to be similar to that of the GTI and include LED daytime running lights, a sportier front bumper, flared wheel arches, and an underbody diffuser. The twin pipes located at the rear bumper centre remain in place but because the V6 is no more a similar sound will be engineered.

GT-R Updated Launch Control

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nissan had updated the software that governs the GT-R�s launch control and was instructing all of its dealers to reprogram every vehicle in dealer inventory that had yet to be sold with the new software in a bid to keep additional transmissions from grenading.

The changes to the new software including limit the maximum RPM that the car will sustain with the VDC switched off to around 3,500, a big reduction from the 4,500 limit of the old programming. Additionally, the software update adds a new, safer form of launch control that allows takeoffs at 3,000 RPM while the VDC remains active.

We have some good news to share with Godzilla owners that are contemplating whether or not to have their cars updated with the new software. A bone-stock GT-R with the reprogramming has been timed at 11.34 @ 194.5km/h with an excellent -1.69-second 0-100 time. That result compares rather favorably with quarter-mile runs recorded by cars with the initial launch control programming.

Aston Martin One-77

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aston Martin has released the first image of its newest flagship � the limited edition One-77. Details are scarce, but the One-77 will be powered by a hand-built 7.0-liter V12 nestled inside an aluminum and carbon fiber chassis. 0-60 times are estimated at 3.5-seconds, with a top speed cresting 200 mph.

77 examples of the �1 million coupe will be produced and customers will be able to customize the bespoke supercar to meet their individual tastes. The One-77 will be revealed later this year (Paris?) and will go on sale shortly afterwards.

This will be the first all-new vehicle from Aston Martin produced after the brand was sold by Ford to a group of investors spearheaded by Prodrive's David Richards. We're also curious to know if the One-77 will play a part in Project Alligator, the rumored collaboration between Aston and Mercedes-Benz. All details will be revealed in due time. Until then let your eyes feast on the only image we have of the upcoming One-77 supercar.Selling million-dollar supercars isn�t as easy as it used to be. While Lamborghini quickly offloaded its small run of seven-figure Reventons and Bugatti has gone through the bulk of its Veyron production, Aston Martin may be finding it a bit more difficult to separate the obscenely wealthy from their millions.

The One-77 is the big-ticket supercar in question, to be built in a limited run of 77 examples, with only six headed to the US, five staying in the UK and the remaining 66 ending up in the Emirates and dispersing around the world. Previous reports circulating the interwebs suggested that the entire production run sold out almost immediately � before the car was even fully unveiled � but those reports may have been misleading. Although 100 potential customers reportedly expressed interest in acquiring the uber-supercar, the order books have apparently yet to be filled with buyers who�ve plunked down the �200k deposit. But even in this economy, they�re bound to sell out soon, so if you�ve got the cash to spare, you�d better act fast. Like, 700-horsepower supercar fast.

First Official Rendering Of Aston Martin Rapide

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Rapide�s front and rear aspects are closest to the Vantage V8, not the DBS or DB9. The front air dam features just one lower intake, the trunk valance is flush with the car, and the tailpipes flank the rear diffuser area. Those are all Vantage cues.

This supercar is 5-meter long car will be power by a 6.0-liter V12 engine, but slot exactly in between the DB9 and DBS in output with 480 hp. Autocar suggests this will get the car to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, but that could be optimistic � those 30 additional horses over the DB9 have to pull 286 more pounds, which will make it a challenge to outrun the middle sibling.

Not that it�s really meant to. The Rapide is Aston luxury for four, so it is taller than the DBS in order to provide more rear headroom for the �young adults� that can fit back there. The rear doors open wider than the front for ease of entry and the front seats have been raised to make room for the feet of back seat passengers. It even has a wagon-like folding rear bulkhead and parcel shelf. The Rapide will be appearing in the fourth quarter of the year when, with all hope, a better buying climate awaits it.

Volkswagen Concept BlueSport

The Concept BlueSport manufactured by German car company,Volkswagen is powered by a mid-mounted 2.0-liter turbodiesel that cranks out 180 bhp and 258 lb ft of torque. The power is delivered to the rear wheels via a 6-speed dual clutch transmission. The tidy Concept BlueSport measures just 157.1 inches in overall length, stands 49.6 in. tall and is 68.7 in. wide. The mid-ship engine location gives the car a front/rear weight distribution of 45/55. The Concept BlueSport rides on an independent front MacPherson strut and rear multilink suspension and features 19-in. wheels and tires.

The styling of the vehicle embodies the new design philosophy introduced by Volkswagen on the Golf and Scirocco�the front of the car has a thin horizontal grille element above the bumper and large open intakes below. The car sports clean, simple lines that are athletic and blend in with the aggressive front and rear wheel arch flares.

The Concept BlueSport is equipped with leather-clad bucket seats, a roll-bar and a manually operated soft top. In addition to delivering outstanding fuel economy (35 mpg city/50 highway for 42 mpg combined), the turbocharged diesel engine�s long suit is torque. The abundant amount of twist from 1750 rpm enables the car to sprint to 60 mph in just 6.2 seconds. And with an 18.5-gallon fuel tank, VW estimates a theoretical range of 710 miles�so you can go fast and far.

Bentley teases biofuel supercar

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bentley will take a large share of the spotlight with the vehicle you see above. It has no name yet, and no technical specifics have been released, but what Bentley has revealed is that this will be the marque's fastest, most powerful production car yet.And while the fuel price is increasing from one day to another day,this Bentley Supercar will runs on biofuel. Visually, the grilles all have a blackout treatment, and sizable vertical intakes occupy the front bumper's outer edges. The hood also sports a pair of vents, presumably to help extract engine heat.

Given that the 600-horsepower/553-lb-ft Continental GT Speed currently owns the "most powerful production Bentley" title, look for more extreme ratings on this new, obviously Continental-based monster. As for the biofuel half of the equation, we expect to see an ethanol-drinking version of the twin-turbocharged W12 that propels the rest of the Continental range.

Source: Bentley

2009 Aston Martin LeMans LMP1 Race Car

Monday, January 26, 2009

Aston Martin to challenge for overall Le Mans win

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of its only overall win in the Franco Enduro, Aston Martin is set to tackle the 2009 24-hours of Le Mans in this - a pair of Gulf liveried LMP1 race cars.
Racing the cars will be Jan Charouz, Tomas Enge and Stefan Mucke along with Darren Turner who was part of the team that raced the DBR9 GT1 crew in 2007 and 2008. Harold Primat is the newest addition to the team and one other driver will be announced shortly. Unfortunately, Aston won�t be campaigning in the GT1 class in bid to focus all its efforts on its LM

The new car which is based on the 2008 Charouz Racing System Lola will be powered by the same production-based Aston Martin V12 engine which, last year, helped Aston Martin secure its second successive Le Mans GT1 title with the DBR9. It also powered the Charouz car to a new La Sarthe lap record for a petrol car.

Aston Martin Racing is developing the car in conjunction with Lola, Michelin, Koni and BBS and continues its relationship with major partner Gulf Oil and official clothing partner Hackett.
In 2009, the ACO is introducing new regulations aimed at balancing the performance of petrol and diesel engined prototypes making the LMP1 category more appealing and relevant to Aston Martin.

To focus maximum energy on the LMP1 programme, the Works team will not defend its GT1 title at Le Mans. However, Aston Martin Racing will support any of its official partner teams and customers competing at the race.

The Le Mans 24 hour race will be held over the weekend of 13-14 June.

Ferrari SUV Launching Next Year?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Ferrari SUV might take some getting used to. The idea to produce SUV actually has been around for some years and this is the freshest artist rendition. It�s an SUV by the definition of a vehicle with four doors, raised ride height, mostly fitted with a 4WD system and takes the shape of a station wagon/ tourer.

Ferrari give codename �Ferrari FS 599 Fuoristrada� .The SUV will be constructed out of aluminium and carbon fiber composites for weight-efficiency. Engines come from the naturally aspirated V8 found in the California and the 599 GTB�s V12 powerplant. They produce in excess of 400hp and 600hp each respectively.

Renderings of a Ferrari SUV have appeared before based on speculation that the Italian company was working on its first ever SUV. At the time Porsche was riding high with the great success of its Cayenne and premium brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW had been building MLs and X5s for years before.

As the world's economy is still under recession, there�s no clear direction as to whether the project is still going ahead or not. However,with the recent announcement of an alliance with Ferrari parent Fiat and Chrysler LLC of America new possibilities have arisen. Such possibilities include a common SUV platform that can be shared with Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari itself. Product assembly could even be in the US just like Mercedes with the old ML and BMW with the X5 and X6.


Ford announces dual clutch PowerShift gearbox

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ford Motor Company announced today it will introduce an advanced dual-clutch PowerShift six-speed transmission in North America in 2010 for the small-car segment.

The new gearbox will deliver the fuel efficiency of a manual gearbox with the convenience and ease of a premium automatic transmission,making it a key enabling technology as Ford targets best-in-class or among-the-best fuel economy with every new vehicle it introduces in North America.

Overall, Six-speed transmissions already have helped vehicles such as the 2010 Ford Fusion achieve best-in-class fuel economy, while at the same time allowing the Ford Flex and Ford Escape to achieve unsurpassed fuel economy in their respective segments.
Ford is leveraging six-speed transmissions, advanced internal combustion engines such as EcoBoost, hybrids, full electric vehicles, vehicle weight reduction and electric power-assisted steering to improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions fleet-wide by 30 percent by the year 2020.

Compared to traditional automatic four-speed transmissions, PowerShift can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 9 percent depending on the application.

PowerShift provides the full comfort of an automatic with a more sophisticated driving dynamic, thanks to uninterrupted torque from the dual-clutch technology, which consists essentially of two manual transmissions working in parallel, each with its own independent clutch unit. One clutch carries the uneven gears � 1, 3 and 5 � while the other the even gears � 2, 4 and 6. Subsequent gear changes are coordinated between both clutches as they engage and disengage for a seamless delivery of torque to the wheels.PowerShift, unlike conventional automatic transmissions, does not need the heavier torque converter or planetary gears. In addition, the dry-clutch derivative eliminates the need for the weighty pumps, hydraulic fluids, cooling lines and external coolers that wet clutch transmissions require. As a result, the dry-clutch PowerShift transmission can weigh nearly 30 pounds less than, for example, the four-speed automatic transmission featured on today's Ford Focus.

Differentiating PowerShift even further in terms of its customer appeal is its shift quality, launch feel and overall drive dynamic, which are all facilitated by an expert blend of Ford-exclusive electro-mechanical systems, software features, calibrations and controls. These unique driving features include:

� Neutral coast down � The clutches will disengage when the brakes are applied, improving coasting downshifts and clutch robustness as well as reducing parasitic losses for increased fuel economy.

� Precise clutch control in the form of a clutch slip to provide torsional damping of the engine vibration � This function improves noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) at low engine speeds and enables lower lugging limits for improved fuel economy.

� Low-speed driving or creep mode with integrated brake pressure � This function simulates the low-speed control drivers are accustomed to from an automatic transmission. The amount of rolling torque in Drive and Reverse is precisely controlled, gradually building as brake pressure is released.

� Hill mode or launch assist � Prevents a vehicle from rolling back on a grade by maintaining brake pressure until the engine delivers enough torque to move the vehicle up the hill, providing improved driver confidence, comfort, safety and clutch robustness.


Porsche 2009 GT3 RSR

Friday, January 23, 2009

Porsche recently unveiled its latest GT2-class racing car, the GT3 RSR.

The GT3 RSR is powered by a rear mounted six cylinder engine with displacement now up to 4-liters to the 3.8-liter of last year. What is baffling is that last years car produced 465hp@8000 rpm but this years car puts out 450hp@7,800rpm, the difference is not much and it could be down to sacrificing power for reliability. Torque is the same as last year at 430Nm@7,250rpm.

The rev limiter kicks in at 9000, and Porsche says that the new car�s torque curve is better-optimized than the outgoing car�s.

Technical Description Porsche GT3 RS

Water-cooled, six-cylinder boxer engine; four valves
per cylinder; dry sump lubrication; individual throttle
butterflies; fuel injection; air restrictors 2 x 29.5 mm.

102.7 mm

80.4 mm

3,996 cc

Power output:
331 kW (450 bhp) at 7,800 rpm

Max. Torque:
430 Nm at 7,250 rpm

Max. revs:
9,400 rpm

Six speed gearbox with sequential jaw-type shift;
oil/water heat exchanger; single-mass flywheel;
hydraulic disengagement lever; three-plate carbon-fibre
clutch; rear wheel drive; limited-slip differential 45/65%.

Monocoque body (basis GT3 RS) of hot-galvanised steel;
aerodynamically optimised front end with front spoiler;
aerodynamically optimised front underfloor; adjustable
rear wing; 90-litre safety fuel tank with fast filling function;
air jack; welded-in safety cage; bucket-type racing seat
(on driver�s side only) with flame-resistant seat cover;
six-point seat belt adapted for use of the HANS
Head and Neck Support; electric fire-extinguishing system.


McPherson spring strut axle; Sachs four-way gas
pressure dampers; double coil springs (main and ancillary
spring); front axle arms adjustable for camber; adjustable
sword-type anti-roll bar on both sides; power steering.

Multi-arm axle with rigidly mounted axle sub-frame;
Sachs four-way gas pressure dampers; double coil springs
(main and auxiliary spring); rear axle tie-bar reinforced
and infinitely adjustable; adjustable sword-type anti-roll
bar on both sides.

Complete suspension infinitely adjustable (height,
camber, track).

Brake system with balance bar control.

Single-piece six-piston aluminium fixed callipers;
inner-vented, 380 mm in diameter; racing brake pads.

Rear: Single-piece four-piston aluminium fixed callipers;
inner-vented, 355 mm in diameter; racing brake pads.


Three-piece BBS light-alloy wheels (11J x 18-34);
central bolt;

Three-piece BBS light-alloy wheels (13J x 18-12.5);
central bolt.

Electrical System:
Motec display with integrated data recording; multi-function
display with integrated gearshift indicator; adjustable
traction control; battery: 12 volt, 50 Ah, 140 Ah alternator.

Approx. 1,220 kg complying with A.C.O. regulations,
1,245 kg complying with FIA regulations.


Jaguar�s Reborn XJ220

Jaguar is getting ready to reinvent its stunning XJ220, it looks likely to make a dramatic appearance at a major international motor show in the next 18 months.

According to our network of spies, the revolutionary sports car is being developed by the firm�s best engineers as a rival to the Audi R8. It�s based on an all-new aluminium chassis, which has been developed using the same know-how behind both the XJ and XK models.

The car will have aluminium panels stretched over an alloy and composite tub, while under the bonnet is likely to be a tuned version of the 503bhp 5.0-litre supercharged V8, set to power the eagerly anticipated XFR. A mildly modified version of this engine has already propelled a near-showroom-spec XFR to an incredible 225mph on the Bonneville salt flats in the US. The new supercar is likely to match this figure, while the sprint from 0-60mph should take less than four seconds.

The two-seater is tipped to be called the XE, and has been styled by a team led by Ian Callum.

Meanwhile,at the front, there�s an oval grille,framed by narrow, ultra-efficient LED headlamps. A steeply raked windscreen keeps the car�s overall height as low as possible, while the wide rear end supports buttress C-pillars, similar to those on the new Ferrari 599 GTB. As in the R8 and Ferrari�s F430, the engine will be visible through the rear windscreen.

Wide air intakes dominate the model�s front end, and deep scoops in the flanks help feed cooling air to the supercharged engine.CO2 emissions will be less than 300g/km, and the good things the powerplant will be capable of running on biofuel-blended petrol . Liberal use of lightweight materials, including aluminium and carbon fibre, will further improve the machine�s fuel efficiency and performance.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Bugatti Veyron is currently the most expensive and fastest sports car in the world. Hailed by many as the greatest automobile ever made, it features all the most recent automotive advancements in one package.

The 2008 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is powered by by a mid-mounted and quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 engine. Its 1,001 hp and 922 lb-ft of torque are delivered to all four wheels via a beefed-up seven-speed version of VW/Audi's excellent dual-clutch sequential gearbox (DSG). The transmission has two automatic modes , normal and Sport and may also be shifted manually via paddles on the steering wheel.

Published reports consistently have the Veyron hitting 60 mph from rest in under 3 seconds, and the car will attain extralegal velocities at a similarly dizzying rate. That 253-mph top speed must be enabled via a separate key, however; otherwise, the Veyron is limited to a mere 233 mph.

The 2008 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is so fast that it needs an eponymous adjective. In a straight line, no other four wheeled conveyance can touch it. What's more, the Veyron's handling is nearly as impressive, no mean feat given its considerable heft. The only thing lacking and this is more of an esoteric issue is a lack of emotional involvement. Designed to perfection, the Veyron doesn't quite generate the visceral appeal that otherwise might come about in cars like the Ferrari F430 or Porsche 911 GT3 RS that take a more raw and hard-edged approach to performance.

As one might expect in a $1.5 million car, the Veyron's cabin is pretty fancy. The leather upholstery is opulent and omnipresent, and extensive aluminum trim adorns the center stack, steering wheel and other controls. The gauge cluster features a somewhat gimmicky "power gauge" that supposedly displays real-time horsepower production. The Veyron's bathtub like high beltline, obtrusively thick A-pillars and low seating position don't bolster its credentials as a driver's car, but there's a lot of room in there, even for taller folks.

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class gets AMG sports package

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For those more interested in the way their car looks or goes around corners than how fast it accelerates, Mercedes-Benz has announced an AMG sports package that will be optional with any powerplant available for the new 2010 E-class.The new package will hitting a European market in March.

The pricing is depends on the engine chosen by customer.However,the start price for the basic package at around 3,000 Euros (around $3900 USD). For that sum, the buyer gets a unique set of aprons along with side skirts and 18-inch AMG alloy wheels which are painted in sterling silver with a high sheen finish and are shod with 245/40 R18 wide base tyres at the from and 265/35 R18 tyres at the rear.

Meanwhile in inside, a set of microfiber and faux-leather seats for your bum join a three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel with shift paddles for your hands and aluminum pedals for your Piloti-clad feet. Performance oriented bits include a suspension drop of 15 millimeters along with perforated brake discs with silver-painted calipers up front and bearingthe Mercedes Benz logo.

Peugeot 408 sedan

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

These are among the images of the new Peugeot 408 sedan lurking in the shadows showing a sleek sporty profile with large 5-spoke rims. The new peugeot model 408 will replace the current Peugeot 407 .The Peugeot 407 was launched since 2004 with several body variants such as a station wagon, a two-door coupe and a sedan.

The Peugeot 408 looks like to be ready on the road, begging the possibility of a Geneva Motor Show debut in this coming March. On the other hand it would be a surprise to see an all-new model since the 407 just received a minor facelift in 2008.

The current Peugeot 407 range has an assortment of engines including petrol and diesel.Peugeot 407 power up wit 1.8 litre petrol engine that can produce 114hp (85kW) and 1.6 HDi turbo diesels to the 2.7 HDi V6 making 201hp (150kW) and a sweet 440Nm of torque.

Peugeot could be preparing for a busy year. Recently the French manufacturer unveiled the new 3008 crossover while a 7 seater variant of the 3008 is coming soon.

Pagani Zonda R

Sunday, January 18, 2009

One of the most desirable supercars on earth had been show to the public. The supercars brought by The Pagani brand has finally release out the Zonda R which is the ultimate racing machine.This supercar even can be drive on the road too. While it may not look it at first glance, the Zonda R shares only about 10% of its components with the Zonda F. that means from the start it was designed for its own unique purpose.

The Zonda R is powered by Mercedes-Benz�s AMG engine. It�s the 6.0-litre V12 powerplant.This type of engine can be found in the racing CLK GTR that has successfully competed in GT championships. This powerful engine is angled at 60 degrees, light in weight and produces humongous figures of 750hp (552kW) and 710Nm of torque. Pagani Zonda R is equipped with 6-speed sequential gearbox model that sends power to slick tyres. Lubrication is a dry sump with a separate oil tank.

To match the stability with the speed of this supercar, the Zonda R has had its wheelbase increased by 47mm, overall length is up by 394mm while the track increased by 50mm. Bodywork was optimised to increase downforce even at low speeds, while an aerodynamic package of a bonnet with flaps, adjustable rear wing, and rear diffuser give the car exceptional cornering ability. While the car corners the driver is sitting comfortably inside a cabin that hugs and gives him a sense of stability and safety.

Mugen Civic RR Advance Concept

Friday, January 16, 2009

See what has Mugen did to the FD2 Civic Type-R with the 2008 RR. This year, they will unveiled what would be the most extreme factory tuned Type-R. They we call it the RR Advanced Concept. It�s no longer a Type R. in fact, most removable panels are now carbon fiber. They have also retained the carbon reinforced interior from the Experimental spec RR.

The Mugen will make the RR Advanced Concept more powerfull and can reach up 260bhp, 20bhp more than the 240bhp RR and does 9000rpms.

Here I post some official studio pictures from all round the car. As you can clearly see, almost all exterior panels are replaced by CFRP. Lot�s of details here and there seperating it from the RR.

2009 Honda Civic Mugen RR

2009 Honda Civic Mugen RR

2009 Honda Civic Mugen RR

2009 Honda Civic Mugen RR

2009 Honda Civic Mugen RR

2009 Honda Civic Mugen RR


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