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Fastest Street Legal Super Car arrive at Europe...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Show up at any track with a car less than ordinary and you�re bound to get smirks of both disgust and pity. Some people don�t let it affect them, some pack up and go home in search of mummy, others give chase and some blow the competition away. That�s exactly what happen when the took his 1407hp Pontiac Trans-Am to the Papenburg track where the AMG boys from Mercedes were testing their new models.

With a brisk 8.9L V8 producing a whopping 1407 HP, The top speeds of 300km/h in his warming laps. After driving a couple of rounds around the track, to see what his road machine would do! And after pressing the pedal to the metal the when the technician came over with his laptop computer with a big grin. Here we have the official numbers: 407.134 km/h.

You may say well the 9FF team drove 409km/h in an extremely rebuilt Porsche 911 at the same track; this speed was recorded with their own equipment and therefore can be fixed and therefore is not recorded as an official speed record. Bugatti Veyron 407km/h is also recorded with their own equipment.

As the Papenburg track is to small for the Pontiac to reach its potential top speed of 435km/h and Volkswagen�s test track costs 25.000 Euro an hour to rent.

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